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Kris Lloyd Artisan

Split Milk 200gm

Split Milk 200gm

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Split Milk is a Goats milk table cheese. 

Born out of the Coronavirus Crisis; Senior Cheesemaker, Mitch at Kris LLoyd Artisan created a splendid cheese that is washed with Sparkke Vintage Cider which they could not sell on tap due to Pub closures.

Made with entirely repurposed products that were originally destined for the chopping block, Spilt Milk is what I would refer to as a peasant style cheese, simple, elegant with a lovely caramel note from the cider.

Let’s face it, there is no point crying over “spilt milk” enjoy it for what it is!

"Spilt Milk is not a reminder of the pandemic, but rather a reminder of the resourcefulness of local producers during a challenging few years."

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