Grazing with Gertie's - Tables

Grazing with Gertie's


Our bespoke gazing tables filled with top notch grazing goodies uniquely styled across a multi level grazing set up becoming a focal point of your event.

Grazing with Gertie's


Whilst still a bespoke & stunning focal point of your event, our flatlay graze is just as the name suggests- a single layer of grazing goodness.
A completely disposable, and easy clean up option.

Grazing with Gertie's

Luxe, Modern, Minimal

......coming soon *

A new style of grazing with Gertie's coming soon.

Think crisp white and bold food.

  • Classic; Savoury

    On our classic graze you will find a selection of predominantly South Australian top notch cheeses, cured meats, gourmet and wafter crackers, fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, fresh bread, dried fruit & nuts, house-made dip, condiments & antipasto.

    + kids & customised options 

  • Brunch

    Brunch options are endless!

    From croissants, bagels and other breakfasty bread options to banana bread and fruit, yogurt or even freshly squeezed juice.

    We tailor our brunch tables exclusively for you to get exactly what you would like included.

  • Sweet

    A perfect sweet addition to any event. We offer a variety of sweet treats to choose from- predominately house made by Gertie's. Think caramel slices, brownies & cookies, gourmet bikkies, Belgian chocolate creations, mini tarts, ect. Again we tailor our grazing tables to meet your preferences.

  • What a larger table? Lets chat!

  • Additional food, add on services, further travel, customisations etc. will influence the price.

    Serving sizes are also a guide, length of event, additional food and desired serving sizes will all impact recommended size.

  • Standard flatLay Grazing tables a a 5% discount on the styled grazing table.

    Sweet, Brunch, kids and customised tables will be individually quoted to suit your desired requests and style.

Grazing with Gertie's F A Q's

What do you need to organise prior to our arrival?

A clean and appropriate sized table or bench for the graze, If you do not have one we can  hire one to you for the event.

We suggest you ensure it is out of direct sunlight, for summer months ensure its in a shady area if outside but inside in an air-conditioned space would be best. 

How does set-up work?

Depending on grazing table size, We arrive 1-3 hours prior to the event start time to set up your grazing table.

Once we know where you would like the grazing table set up you're free to put our feet up and get ready for your event while Gertie's creates your grazing table experience.

And, what about pack up?

You have two options- 

You organise the clean up yourselves and return all the serve ware to Gertie’s kitchen (Tanunda) within 48 hours.  All props, knifes ect. used to style your event remain the property of Gertie's Goodies,  any damage or loss will incur a full replacement fee.  All items are to be returned thoroughly hand washed and clean within 48 hours of your event. Failure to comply with this will incur a cleaning fee. 

*Pick up of cleaned props and serve-ware can also be arranged.

Or, Gertie’s organise the entire clean up- we come at an agreed time, dispose of any leftovers take all the rubbish with us and serve-ware back to our base and clean up from there. We leave the table as we found it.

* Please note we clean the table only, we are not there to clean floors or any other areas of the venue. 

Clean up service starts at $90.
Sundays, clean up after 5pm and extra travel will incur additional charges apply, - 

If you choose the flatly graze option we do not offer a pack down, you simply roll if all up and dispose of everything. 

How long can my grazing table be left out for?

As per food and safety standards food left out for 0-2 hours can be retuned to the refrigerator and consumed. Food left out for more than two hours but less than 4 is safe to be consumed, If the food has been outside of temperature control for more than 4 hours it must be thrown out.

Any food consumed is done so at your own risk, Gertie's Goodies accepts no liability.

Some of the additional food you can add to your grazing table