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Ciabatta Crostini with Dip

Ciabatta Crostini with Dip

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Our Toasted Crispy Ciabatta Crostini & Dip is a simple but delicious dish that's sure to impress. The crispy ciabatta crostini perfectly complements your choice of our house-made dips - the sweet and tangy Strawberry, roasted Capsicum & Basil Dip, or the creamy Whipped Feta with house made dukkah and a drizzle of hot honey(optional)  Dip.

These crostini and dip pairings are a versatile option for any event, making a lasting impression on your guests. Treat your guests to a fresh a delicious change up to the usual dip and crackers. 

Grazing Box sizes

Most available in 3 different sizes:

Small, 2 up to 4 people* (15x25cm)

Regular, approx 5 up to 10 people* (35x25cm)

Large approx 12-15, up to 20 people* (55x25cm) 

*always dependent upon other factors including individuals appetites (also whether other food is being served ect.) 
If you have any questions or would like some guidance about what size to order, please contact us as we are always happy to help!

This is general guide to our grazing boxes- this may vary from product to product!


Contains or may contain gluten, soy dairy, egg, and nuts.

For more information regarding allergens and dietary requirements see ourfrequently asked questions

Shipping & Delivery

Gertie's offer pick up and delivery 7 days a week. We cannot always garuntee delivery times, please contact us before ordering if you require your delivery at/by a certain time to check if its possible.

If you're new to Gerties or unsure about our local delivery radius & charges you can find more info here.

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