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Our sandwiches are made fresh to order, we use nothing but quality produce including local Apex Bakery bread, house made condiments and don't skimp on the good bits. 

Chicken/bacon, shredded chicken, shortcut bacon pieces with smashed avocado, Gertie's (cooked) mayo & lettuce.
Pumpkin, roasted pumpkin with Gertie's basil pesto, Kris LLoyd's Buffalo feta, balsamic caramelised onion and rocket
Ham & Chutney, freshly shaved sham with Gertie's tomato chutney, Swiss cheese, rocket and fresh tomato slices.
Mettwurst or Roast beef with sandwich pickles, cheese, house made seeded mustard mayo and lettuce
Ranch- freshly sliced turkey, provolone cheese and tomato with shortcut bacon and a chipotle ranch dressing
Club - Freshly sliced ham and turkey with shortcut bacon, cheese house mayo, lettuce and tomato
HR beef, house horseradish creme sauce, roast beef with pickled red onion and lettuce.
Soppressa - mild salami, provolone, Gertie's basil pesto, tomato slices and rocket.
Silverside, coleslaw, honey mustard mayo
Avo- smashed avo, Kris LLoyd's Buffalo feta, Gertie's dukkah and beetroot relish
Mortadella- Freshly shaved mortadella, Gertie's basil pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, provolone cheese & rocket 

-minimum order 3 per filling 
- additional vegetarian and vegan options available at request 


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