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Kris Lloyd Artisan

Persian Feta - Buffalo 300gm

Persian Feta - Buffalo 300gm

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This Persian Feta is set overnight in a traditional lactic set, not unlike yoghurt. The Feta is drained quickly, once drained it is lightly seasoned with salt and left to age for 12 or so days, after which we carefully portion the cheese by hand. Each jar has a fresh local thyme and peppercorns added to the cheese before we fill with a blend of vegetable and Coriole Vineyards olive oil.

Creamy, flavourful, and marinated in herbs and spices. Buffalo Persian Feta is a versatile delicious cheese that can be used for dipping, spreading, salads, bruschetta and more. The additional fat content in Buffalo milk makes this Feta creamier than it's Cow or Goat counterparts!

Recent Awards:
2022 International Cheese Awards (GOLD MEDAL),
2022 Royal Agricultural Queensland Dairy Awards (GOLD MEDAL)

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