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Kris Lloyd Artisan

Milk It 200gm

Milk It 200gm

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Milk It is a Cows milk table cheese. 

This semi hard cheese is made by slowly working the curds with a slight scald to introduce sweetness to the cheese. Continuous and patient stirring, results in soft curd that knits together with ease and is slightly elastic.

The cocktail of secondary flora used for this cheese is responsible for the soft pliable texture and clean herbaceous mouth feel, it is very subtle to ensure we do not interfere with showing off the characters of excellent quality milk.

Kris Lloyd Artisan have collaborated with a local South Australian Kombucha maker SCULL to bring this very exciting cheese and the only one of its kind in the world. The cheese is washed several times with SCULL Quince Kombucha before we allow it to rest and develop a rind. The rind takes on a pleasant sweetness from the Kombucha and develop some fruity characters that complement the sweet nutty flavour of the cheese which has a super creamy and smooth texture. Matured for around 4 -6 months.

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