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Gertie's Honeycomb

Gertie's Honeycomb

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Gertie's house made honeycomb is made using South Australian honey. A well loved Gertie's sweet treat. 
    - this product does not contain gluten or dairy*

Due to the nature of the local honey we source from season to season your honey may highlight different flavour notes, this is all thanks to those wonderful little bees and plants they're choosing to pollinate. We think this is pretty cool! 


For a plant based option we offer Golden-comb. 
We use our same delicious recipe but swap out the honey for golden syrup to make a plant based friendly version of our comb. 


Honeycomb: approx 100gm bag 

Golden-comb: approx 80gm bag 



*May contain traces of gluten, eggs, dairy, nuts, soy products. 
For more information regarding allergens and dietary requirements see our frequently asked questions

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