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Gertie's Rocky Road

Gertie's Rocky Road

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Always a market favourite, our delicious rocky road comes in a variety of flavours- most of which are made with Belgian chocolate perfect to add onto a gift or just for a yummy snack! 


Original:  A blend of Belgian milk and dark coverture chocolate with toasted coconut, roasted peanuts, Fry’s Turkish delight and marshmallow mixed through and sprinkled with dried rose petals

White chocolate & raspberry: White Belgian coverture chocolate mixed with fluffy pink mallows, old fashioned raspberry tart bikkies and Allens raspberry lollies 

Minty: Dark Belgian coverture chocolate with Aero chunks, bikkie pieces and mallow mixed through then topped with peppermint crisp bar.

Kinder: 100% Kinder chocolate with Bueno chunks, bikkie pieces and mallows mixed through to make this totally moorish rocky road.

Caramilk: A Caramilk crowd favourite, marshmallows, roasted almonds slithers and Caramilk twirl bites mixed through the Cadbury Caramilk chocolate 

Biscoff: White Belgian coverture chocolate blended with Biscoff spread, then mixed with marshmallows and lotus biscuit pieces. 

Oreo: A blend of Belgian milk and white coverture chocolate with Oreo Pieces, marshmallow and Cadbury Oreo chocolate block.

If you haven't tried Gold Belgian chocolate yet, you seriously need to!  It's like caramel meets with chocolate for a smooth rich flavour. 
We've turned our favourite chocolate into your favourite treat - rocky road. 

Callebaut Gold is a premium product, only to be mixed with premium ingredients. 
You'll find Aussie freeze dried strawberries, Australian toasted almonds and fluffy marshmallow mixed through what has to be our favourite rocky road.


Our Rocky Road pieces weigh approx 120-150 grams, as each piece is cut from a large slab weight will vary from piece to piece, this may also vary between flavours.

* dependent on flavour choice*  Contains or may contain traces of  dairy, soy, gluten, nuts, eggs or sesame products. For more information regarding allergens and dietary requirements see our frequently asked questions

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