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Gertie's homemade bitesized pastries (frozen)

Gertie's homemade bitesized pastries (frozen)

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Gertie’s homemade bitesized pastries are all  made from fresh quality ingredients, we purchase our pastry but all the rest is made from scratch. Ready for you to heat and eat or pop back in the freezer until you need them. 

Available in 1 dozen packs. PASTRIES COME FROZEN 

Varieties available
**subject to availability, at short notice we may not be able to provide your selected filling

- Lorraine (spring onion, bacon & cheddar cheese), 
- Sauteed mushroom with thyme and parmesan, 
- Garlic sauteed spinach and feta

Sausage rolls
- Beef, 
- Pork & fennel, 
- Chicken (coriander, mild chilli & cream cheese), 
- Lamb & native herb or 
- Sweet potato  & chickpea for a vegan option

- beef pie, 
- chicken, leek & thyme pie 


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