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Gertie's Baguettes

Gertie's Baguettes

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Looking for a tasty and filling baguette option? Look no further than Gertie's Baguettes! Order now and enjoy a delicious lunch or snack!

Price is = to a full baguette. We can cut the full baguette into either four or six pieces. 

Choose from a variety of options, including:

  1. Mild sopressa salami, Swiss cheese, basil pesto, tomato, and rocket
  2. Chicken breast, shortcut bacon pieces with avocado, Gertie's cooked mayo, and lettuce
  3. Freshly sliced ham, Gertie's tomato chutney, Swiss cheese, rocket, and tomato
  4. Roasted pumpkin, Gertie's basil pesto, feta, caramelised onion (V)
  5. Sliced turkey, cranberry sauce, triple cream brie, and lettuce
  6. Roast beef, house horseradish creme sauce, pickled red onion, and lettuce
  7. Mettwurst or Roast beef with dill pickles, cheese, seeded mustard mayo, lettuce
  8. Beef pastrami and slaw with a house made special sauce
  9. Chicken, satay sauce, carrot and cabbage slaw with mayo and coriander
  10. Vegetarian and vegan options vary with fresh seasonal produce and personal preferences.

Serving suggestions: 
If you plan on serving the baguette by itself as the only savoury option, I would recommend half a full baguette per person, hungry crowds may need a larger serving size. If you plan on serving alongside other savoury foods a smaller portion will work great as an addition. 

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