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Brownie Trays

Brownie Trays

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Brownie Base
Mix in Choice

Yes, we’ve finally uploaded this market favourite to our website so you can order your favourite brownie tray whenever you need that fudgey, gooey chocolatey hit. 

We’ve made it even easier for you to customise your desired flavour. 

First up select your brownie base from our OG fudgey chocolate brownie or our blondie (which is more of a caramel-ly & vanilla based flavour), then select your flavour mix in form our delicious choices and leave it with us!


Mix in options:

- Nutella & Kinder 

- Biscoff & Lotus 

- Snickers & caramel 

- Apple & cinnamon (best with blondie) 

- Raspberry & white chocolate



Our brownie trays are 19cm x 11cm and weight approx 400-450gm, this can vary with different flavours & mix ins.

If you love a warm brownie you can either cut off as much as you'd like or heat the whole thing in the microwave (remove from foil tray) or pop the whole thing in the oven.   And, to go all out, why not add a scoop of ice cream! -yes please!!

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