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Gertie's Sliders

Gertie's Sliders

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Looking for delicious bite-sized burgers that will leave your guests wanting more? Look no further than Gertie's Sliders! With a range of heat and eat and cold options served on a French butter brioche bun, there's something for everyone.


Limited edition - heat and eat: 

Gourmet beef - House made beef patty, truffle goats curd cheese, caramelised onions, and fig paste


Heat and eat/hot- 

  • Cheeseburger: beef patty, cheese, mustard, pickles, tomato sauce
  • Pulled pork & slaw with mayo
  • Chicken (crumbed & fried tenderloins), shortcut bacon & smashed avo with pesto mayo
  • Garlic sautéed mushroom & halloumi with mayo and caramelised onion (vegetarian)
  • Pulled BBQ jackfruit with smashed avo & slaw (vegetarian)

Cold Slider options:

  • Ruben inspired: beef pastrami, cheese, slaw & special sauce
  • Satay: house-made satay sauce mixed through chicken with slaw, quick pickle cucumber and coriander
  • Chicken (crumbed & fried tenderloins), shortcut bacon & smashed avo with pesto mayo
  • Sandno: mild sopressa, pepperoni, ham, swiss cheese, rocket and Gertie’s basil pesto
  • BLAT: bacon, lettuce, smashed avo and roma tomato
  • Pumpkin: roasted pumpkin, Gertie’s basil pesto, caramelised onions and feta cheese (vegetarian)

Priced per dozen- 

Boxed can be placed in a low to moderate oven WITHOUT lid for 5-15 minutes to heat your sliders- please keep a close eye on the box & sliders when heating in the box. 

Order now and impress your guests with the delicious and diverse range of Gertie's Sliders.

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