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Bake @ home Cinnamon Scrolls

Bake @ home Cinnamon Scrolls

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Elevate your Christmas morning with the mouthwatering aroma of Gertie's Cinnamon Scrolls. Our hassle-free solution takes the stress out of baking—prepped and frozen, in an oven ready tray, ready to pop in the oven. Wake up to the joy of freshly baked goodness, drizzled with a delightful vanilla glaze. Make your holidays unforgettable with a warm, gooey treat enjoyed with loved ones by the Christmas tree. Order now for a stress-free and delicious start to your festive day!

What you receive- 
1 tray of 6 frozen cinnamon scrolls 
1 tub of vanilla cream cheese topping

Cooking Instructions: 
Your cinnamon scrolls will come in an oven ready tray, all you will need to do is pop the tray in the fridge over night for a slow rise, if they still a little on the smaller side in the morning feel free to pop them in a warm (not hot) spot to finish rising before placing  them in a preheated moderate oven for approximately 20-25 minutes - until nicely golden.  Leave to rest for 5-10 minuted before adding your vanilla topping, enjoy! 

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